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Keep Calm And Drink Wine

Keep Calm And Drink Wine

Do you want to have fun? Join us in this adventure!

May 7, 2019

Today, May 7th, we visited the wineries with Dennis, Jeffery and William. Both places have a great story to tell and incredible machines from different eras. 

Did you know that wine can be young or reserve? The young wine is made in masonry sinks or stainless steel tanks.


There the grapes are fermented and then allowed to settle for a few months until they are bottled and ready to sell. In contrast, reserve wines after fermentation are placed in oak barrels or also in ovoid concrete vessels.

They are left to age for a year and then get bottled, but that is not all. These bottles are stored horizontally for one more year so that the wine is completely aged. Finally, it is labeled and ready for the market.

As many of you know, when we say Malbec, we automatically associate it with Argentina even though its country of origin is not this one. The Malbec grape owes its name to a Hungarian gardener named Malbek or Malbeck (with final k), who was one of the first to identify it separately and spread it in France in the Cahors area. Later he took it to Bordeaux, where it is also known Auxerrois. Then the name Malbek was deformed, replacing the "k" with the "c".


This is possibly referring to a similar word in French that means "bad spike", due to the bitter taste that this grape gave in that region. Thanks to their yields, their ease of winemaking, resistance to pests and their homogeneous maturation, Argentine winegrowers adopted the grape with great success. Malbec wine became the emblem of the country, a place where you could say that delivers the best wines.

Are you a wine lover?

Maggie Benedetto

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